Christian Kids DVD Baby Faith: God Made Christmas (Ages 3-36 Months)

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Babyfaith: God Made Christmas - Nurturing Love, Learning and Faith with Your Baby. This Christian kids DVD stimulates language and cognitive skills for children 3-36 months. An outstanding learning experience for babies - hosted by Jodie Benson, voice of The Little Mermaid

Give your baby the start of a lifetime.

"Babyfaith stimulates language development in early learners, enhances cognitive skills and is paced to capture the attention of even the youngest child. I have not found another video series that matches the ability of Babyfaith to provide educational learning experiences and build a foundation of faith." ~ Terry B. Hancock, Ph.D. Developmental Psychologist Peabody College of Education Vanderbilt University

The award-winning Babyfaith series continues with God Made Christmas. This baby-sized version of the story of Jesus' birth will help babies feel safe in God's love for them. Children will laugh at the fun puppet shows, delight in the images of babies, and be enthralled with the hymn-music videos. This DVD will help your baby thrive developmentally and spiritually.
For mom's convenience This 30 Minute program will repeat play.
Running Time: Approx. 30 minutes with Auto Repeat.
Region 1: U.S. & Canada