Christmas for a Dollar

Christmas for a Dollar

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America is in the midst of the Great Depression, and the Kamp family is struggling to get by, especially since Mrs. Kamp's untimely death nearly a year ago. Eighteen-year-old Verna does her best to take care of the family, and seventeen-year-old Warren is anxious to work and earn money to help the family inspite of his father's protests. But it s the younger children aspiring ballplayer Russell, Hopalong Cassidy fan Norman, and straight-talking little Ruthie who struggle most with a bleak-looking future. Now, with their mother gone and their father overwhelmed by the dismal economy and mounting bills resulting from young Norman's battle with polio, the Kamp siblings fully expect a Christmas without presents or festivities. But when William scrapes together a dollar in coins to use only for Christmas gifts, everything begins to change. As each member of the family comes up with a special gift to be given to another member of the family that costs little or no money, the Kamps soon begin to see many of their dearest wishes come true. And just when Norman and Ruthie believe their hopes and dreams are dashed, small miracles teach the true meaning of Christmas giving. Perhaps a boy who struggles to walk can become a real cowboy after all.

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Cast: Brian Krause as William (Charmed, CSI: Miami, You re So Cupid, Return to the Blue Lagoon. Nancy Stafford as Mrs. Rathbone (Matlock, Christmas With a Capital C , Christmas Oranges). James Gaisford as Warren (The Letter Writer, Twelve dogs of Christmas 2, and Ephraim's Rescue). With Heather Beers, Danielle Chuchran, and Introducing Ruby Jones and Jacob Buster.