No Limit Kids - Much Ado About Middle School

No Limit Kids - Much Ado About Middle School

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Ashton, Celeste, and Becca are three unlikely middle school outcasts who form a club in an abandoned theater. There , they meet Charlie (Bill Cobbs, Night at the Museum), a homeless man who shares their passion for musical theater. When the theater is scheduled to be torn down, the teenagers set out to save the landmark with a modern-day performance of Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing. Along the way, the group learns to treat others with respect and stand up for their beliefs. This Dove-approved film also features Emmy and Golden Globe nominee Lee Meriwether.

About the Director

Dave Moody | Producer/Director is an artist, songwriter, producer and filmmaker with numerous industry awards and peer acknowledgements to his credit. As a member of his family group, The Moody Brothers, he earned two Grammy Award nominations in the 80s, and spent most of the 90s in Paris, France working for The Walt Disney Company. From 2001 to 2010, he won 2 Dove Awards and 19 Dove Award nominations (the Christian Music Grammys) and established himself as a respected entertainment industry professional. As a filmmaker, he and his family have won numerous festival awards for the motion pictures they ve directed, produced, and contributed to, working with Hollywood veterans and respected actors, including: Bill Cobbs (Night At The Museum, That Thing You Do, Hudsucker Proxy), Lee Meriwether (Miss America, Catwoman, Barnaby Jones), Rob Schneider (Saturday Night Live, all Adam Sandler Movies), John de Lancie (Q on Star Trak: The Next Generation), Margaret O Brien (Academy Award Winner - Meet Me In St Louis), Angela Cartwright (Sound of Music), Jon Walmsley (Jason on the TV Series The Waltons) and others.