Engraved Cross Flip Black Blade Pocket Knife By P. Graham Dunn

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A very practical knife, the 2.25 inch blade is long enough to tackle most jobs. Additionally with the combination of a thumb flip for one handed access and a belt clip this is the perfect knife for around the yard, farm, or out on the trail. Weight: 0.21 lbsInscription: CrossHeight: 2.5Width: 4Depth: 1Blade Length: 2.25Construction & Composition: Items like pens, knives, and some keychains are produced by various vendors and brought to our factory blank. P. Graham Dunn develops graphics in our design lab and sends the approved designs to the laser department. There each component is given a jig that holds the blank unit in one of our laser engraving machines. The designs are then engraved using high powered CO2 lasers. The engraved pieces are then collected and sent offsite as piece work. This "piece work" is often accomplished by local Amish women. Since our workshop uses electricity some Amish sects are forbidden from working in this environment. Piece work is one way in which an Amish family can earn a living while still adhering to their way of life. The final pieces have been cleaned, assembled (if necessary), tagged and packaged ready for shipment. Components that P. Graham Dunn engraves are always of high quality.

  • Dimensions: 2.5x4x1" with 2.25" Blade Length
  • Very practical, universal black-bladed knife
  • Thumb flip for one handed access
  • Belt clip
  • Cross inscription