5 Minute Sunday School Activities -- Jesus' Miracles and Messages

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Easily use 5-Minute Bible Activities any time Whether before, during, or after your Bible lesson! Engage kids with quick and easy-to-use Sunday School activities accompanied by valuable reproducible lessons to strengthen their relationship with God! Features over 40 quick-prep Bible lessons, activities and unique crafts perfect for ages 5-10. Fully-reproducible. 96 pages.

Each Bible Activity Includes:

  • A material list of everyday supplies
  • Helpful ideas for pre-craft preparation
  • A step-by-step guide to complete the Bible craft
  • Teaching and talking points to help kids relate to the Bible lesson

Packed with great Bible crafts and Sunday School activities, this full-reproducible Bible activity book has everything you need to engage your students in meaningful ways that will strengthen their faith in God and each Bible activity takes less than 5 minutes! Each Bible craft and activity includes a Bible lesson, step-by-step instructions, and reproducible patterns. Use for Kids Sunday school, VBS, homeschool or anytime you want to make a valuable impression on your kids. Get all 7 books in this incredible series!

Walk through the New Testament stories of Jesus' miracles, messages, and parables with fun Sunday school games, crafts, and activities! 5-Minute Sunday School Activities: Jesus' Miracles and Messages equips you with everything you need to teach your students that Jesus cares, Jesus loves, and Jesus wants them to know about God and heaven! Includes memory verses and interactive crafts to illustrate important Bible lessons and help students apply these values to their everyday lives.

Note: Comes with a Bible lesson, memory verse, and discussion question for each craft.

7 Key Features

  1. Age-Appropriate Bible Activities!Super-easy crafts and activities to get your little ones to jump right into important Bible lessons. Includes fun, kid-friendly discussion questions to get even the most wiggly ones thinking!
  2. Packed with More than 40 Sunday School Activities and Bible Lessons! Features more than 40 Bible lessons, crafts, and activities that teach meaningful Bible stories in just five minutes! Each of these Bible activities can be squeezed into any short window of time--Before a lesson. The last 5 minutes of class. When the adult service is running late. And more!
  3. Flexible and Fully-Customizable Sunday School Lessons (Includes "Extra Time" Suggestions) "Extra Time" suggestions are given for each activity, including fun questions to draw out the lesson, journaling ideas, and exciting games. Easily use these suggestion sections to turn each Bible activity into a complete lesson.
  4. Easy-to-Use Bible Lesson Format! Step-by-step instructions and clear sections on "What you Need," "Before Class," and "What to Do" makes lessons easy-to-do!
  5. Cut Down Prep-Time to Minutes! Enjoy prepping interactive Bible activities and crafts in a snap! Each action-packed Bible activity is perforated and fully-reproducible, making prep time as painless as the push of a button on your copier!
  6. Quick and Easy Kids Craft Ideas Filled with simple instructions that can be explained in seconds so you can devote more time to teaching Bible stories. Loaded with original activities, easy crafts, and reflection exercises that little ones can tackle on their own.
  7. Budget-Friendly Sunday School Crafts Stocked with perforated, reproducible, and ready-made handouts. Simple templates for arts and crafts with household materials that are easy on the wallet!
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