A Mighty Fortress is Our God

A Mighty Fortress is Our God

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This DVD focuses on the history behind the following four cherished hymns: A Mighty Fortress is Our God - One of the best loved hymns of the Protestant tradition. Composed and written by Martin Luther, the hymn has been called the Battle Hymn of the Reformation. The words paraphrase Psalm 46. Be Thou My Vision - A traditional hymn from Ireland often attributed to Dallan Forgaill in the 8th century, commemorating the ministry of Patrick of Ireland in a region of the Roman Empire ready for spiritual awakening. All Creatures of Our God and King - Francis of Assisi, circa 1225, wrote this hymn shortly before his death, but it was not published for almost 400 years. Francis founded a monastic order, the Mendicants who followed the way of poverty, ministering to the poor and sick. This hymn attributed all things on earth to God. O Sacred Head Now Wounded - This Christian hymn is based on a medieval poem addressing Christs body on the cross. The hymn was a reminder of our sin and the wonder of Gods grace that forgave all.

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George W. Sarris is a versatile communicator, working primarily in the commercial environment of New York City. He has been the principal spokesman for local, regional, and national radio and television commercials for companies such as AT&T, IBM, Pizza Hut, and Honda. Sarris holds the degrees of Bachelor of Science in Speech from Northwestern University, and Master of Divinity from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. He began telling Bible stories in 1985. The stories, known as The Worlds Greatest Stories From The Worlds Greatest Book are word for word from the Bible. They are featured on CD and video cassette. Sarris also performs the stories live. Since 1985 he has performed before a wide variety of audiences in churches, at conferences, at elementary schools, high schools and camps. The response from young and old, Christian and non-Christian alike has been enthusiastic. In his work as a voice over and on screen performer in commercials, he has had the opportunity to be in several television shows. In the first, Superboy, he had the main part of the last episode of the show, that of a newscaster reporting on the death of Superboy. He also had small roles in Spencer for Hire and Spin City. He resides in Trumbull, Connecticut with his wife Suzan, and their 5 children.

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