Anchor in the Past: A Chart for the Future

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Author Ealum McDonald's father killed his mother and beat Ealum and his siblings to within an inch of their lives. No one would be surprised to find at least one of the children consumed by hatred. What might be surprising, however, is that the hatred could be overcome. "Anchor in the Past: A Chart for the Future" tells a story of family tragedy, salvation, and forgiveness. His mother's murder by his cruel and violent father shattered Ealum's childhood; his father was then sent to prison, while the children went to live with their grandparents in another state. As Ealum grew up, his hatred for his father almost consumed him; in time, however, he came to know the Lord as his savior and was able to forgive his father. Despite this lesson, later in life, Ealum faced a different set of circumstances that also required him to forgive. His involvement with a church with an overly controlling minister cost Ealum both membership in that church and his family. Difficulties continue to follow hi