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For Everything... There is a Key

Classically trained master illusionist, Harris "The Third" has spent the majority of his young life dazzling audiences. His performances have been featured on thousands of stages throughout the United States and his magic-with-a-message has captured the spotlight in over 15 countries on 5 continents.

This two-disc set features:

Entangled.In this highly anticipated and acclaimed project, Harris III takes you on a journey filled with wonder, inspiration and truth. Ideal for family viewing, you will enjoy an innovative blend of narrative film and his "live" show experience as this master communicator and entertainer has crafted a never-before-seen style of DVD that is uniquely its own.

Illusionism.Prepare to amaze your family and friends as Harris III shares the secrets to some of his most dazzling tricks and illusions and shows you how to do them! You will learn how to: Read someone's mind by naming any color they can think of, perform amazing magic with normal playing cards, cause any borrowed ring to magically float in the air, and much more!


"You wouldn t expect an illusionist to reveal secrets, but this one does. I was impressed with his skill; even more impressed with his faith."--Max Lucado, Pastor and Bestselling Author

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