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Josh Carpenter, Bibleman never understood the Bible until his darkest day (when his parents were arguing) where he read his Bible and accepted Jesus Christ as his lord and savior. He used to be a security guard at Toys R Us, but now Bibleman is on duty to defend kids from the dastardly dirty deeds of the devil's dupes. The local little league team is dissing each other and their coaches, and everybody is miserable. Could the new M-Pow-R sports drink from Snortinskoff Industries be affecting them? Biblegirl replacement, Melody, isn't likely to be much help with the mysterious meltdown of manners. In the end, Snortinskoff and Stench are sent packing, the kids get back into God's word, and all is well in the world again. Theme verse: Philippians 2:3 Gigi and the Purple Ponies finds Gigi at a try-out for the soccer team with her best friend, Frances. This setting gives her the perfect opportunity to learn that God has given us all different gifts - some may be great soccer players, while others do their best in, um... er, other pursuits. In Gigi Goes Camping, the pinkest Princess is wa-a-a-y out of her Royal Comfort Zone. She's with her family on her very first-ever overnight camping trip. Many "un-royal" activities follow her pinkness to the great outdoors - along with Frances, Will, Ralph, Tiara, and Fluffy. In the end Gigi learns that her parents and God will always protect her.

  • 3 Episodes on 1 dvd!
  • Wholesome entertainment for the whole family
  • Christian themed