Big Sky Carvers Duck Commander Have a God Given Right Sign

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The Robertson Family - In 1973, Phil Robertson started the family business making duck calls - the Dick Commander Company. Today Phil now starts in the popular Duck Dynasty TV series along with wife, Kay, brother Si and sons, Alan, Jase, Willie and Jep. Their every day affairs are met by Phil's love for nature, Kay's delicious meals, Uncle Si's quirky philosophies, Willie's business sense and Jase's endless need to hunt, fish and tease his brothers. Their bold faith in God, love for family and respect for the founding principles of this country is what makes their lives so refreshing. They are a family that works together, plays together, prays together and of course, eats together.

  • 8" by 8" composite wood sign
  • Sign can be hung on the wall with the faux leather cord or displayed on a shelf, desk or table with the included peg
  • Sign Reads: "I Have a God Given Right to the Pursuit of Happiness"
  • Duck Commander Family and Duckmen Bio's on the back of each sign