Boost School Performance: A Parent's Guide to Better Grades Fast

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Would you like to see your child bring home A’s? Would you like to hear teachers say that your child is a joy to have in class – instead of asking you to come in for uncomfortable “conferences” about failing grades and poor behavior? Are you sick and tired of trying everything to help your child succeed, only to be disappointed over and over again? Would you like to feel the joy of knowing your child is energized and highly motivated about school? Then this could be one of most important books you'll ever read. I used one of the methods I read about in your book and my son's grades changed overnight. He's gone from accepting C's and D's, to expecting only A's. I can't believe it was this easy. Thank you so much. —Gerald Howland, Houston, TX I always knew our son was brilliant, but it took the lessons I learned in your book for me to finally bring it out of him. I am enclosing a copy of his best report card ever. —Frank Griffin, Los Angeles, CA My daughter was diagnosed with a learning disability three years ago, but I knew she could still do much better in school if she put her mind to it. Your book changed her whole learning style when it comes to studying and doing homework. She seems much happier now, especially since she is doing so well. Thank you, Stop Flunking! —Angela Williams, Atlanta, GA My son is on the honor roll now for the first time since the third grade. He formed his own study group to prepare for the SAT's and is serious about heading off to college. What a change your book has made. It's amazing. —Nancy Whitman, Silver Springs, MD Stop Flunking! gives you the answers you always wanted for getting your child mega-motivated to bring home A’s. Finally someone has taken the guesswork out of getting kids to care about school as much as they care about clothes, cars, friends, and fun.
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