Convenient Answer

Convenient Answer

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Why A Convenient Answer?

There are lots of resources available to teach Christians how to be good stewards of finances or possessions. But scripture clearly shows that God also called his people to be caretakers of the planet he created for us! So, why aren't Christians talking about that?

'A Convenient Answer' is an interactive, Bible-based study that will introduce your group to what God wants us to know about restoring and protecting our planet. At the same time, you ll discover a proven creation care strategy that's healing the environment while empowering people to overcome poverty and oppression a genuine, real-life 'convenient answer!' Each session will inspire, inform, and show you how to make a real world difference both spiritually and environmentally.

About The Organization
Eden Reforestation Projects plants millions of trees every month in Ethiopia, Madagascar and Haiti, restoring farmland, forests and wildlife. Seedling care and planting is done by indigenous employees who are now able to feed their families, afford medical care, and send their children to school. Planting trees and saving lives has earned Eden the right to be heard in highly resistant spiritual cultures.

Steve Fitch (D.Min.) is the founder and president of Eden Reforestation Projects, quite possibly the most cost-effective true reforestation organization in the world. Over the years, he has served as a youth pastor in inner-city Los Angeles, a church planter, pastor and superintendent of over 100 churches.


Session 1 What the Bible Says about Creation Care demonstrates that caring for the land is a significant part of God's agenda for humankind. (Running time: about 28:45)

Session 2 The Multiplication Effect clears up misunderstandings and exposes excuses that keep Christians on the sidelines as the world slips closer to environmental disaster. (Running time: about 44:30)

Session 3 Born Again, Not Against equips you to effectively act on your biblical convictions in positive ways by being salt and light, instead of being defined by what we are 'born against.' (Running time: about 26:30)

Session 4 The Spirit Gives Life empowers and equips you to genuinely care for the poor, for the oppressed, and for creation through one proven, holistic approach. (Running time: about 29:30)

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