Discovering Christmas Vol 2 - Take a visit to Bethlehem - Two Christmas Programs Plus Six Animated Bible Stories

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Oh Little Town of Bethlehem — We all know the story of Jesus' birth in a stable in Bethlehem, but where is Bethlehem, and why was it chosen to be such a special place? Take a visit to this very busy city in Palestine. See olive oil being made, visit the Church of the Nativity, see modern shepherds herding their sheep, and meet a family who carves figurines for Nativity sets. Bethlehem was a very special place 2,000 years ago and is still remembered as such today as thousands of people visit every year at Christmas (9 minutes).

The Christmas Tree — The Christmas tree is a long-standing family tradition, and adding lights and decorations is a fun family activity. But where and when did this tradition begin? This brief program explores the origins and traditions of this universal symbol of Christmas. (9 minutes).

Also included in this DVD are six animated Bible stories:

The Story of Moses: God calls a reluctant Moses to lead His chosen people to freedom. (48 minutes).

Sodom and Gomorrah: The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah provides an important lesson about God's wrath. (50 minutes).

Joshua and the Battle of Jericho: God reveals a plan to Joshua that will allow the Israelites to take the city of Jericho. (48 minutes).

Samson and Delilah: Samson is destined for greatness, but things change when he falls in love with a deceptive woman. (49 minutes).

David and Goliath: David must prove himself by single-handedly defeating the giant Goliath. (46 minutes).

Daniel and the Lion's Den: When Daniel reveals that he has a gift for interpreting dreams, he gains the King's favor. (49 minutes).