DVD-Miraculous Messages

DVD-Miraculous Messages

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From Noah's Flood to the End Times

It is a mystery to which all of mankind is seeking the answer. Beginning with the story of Noah and woven throughout the pages of the Bible, it is a thread that ties together the past, present, and future–a series of supernatural messages that carry the keys to lasting peace, real happiness, and true fulfillment.

Can these miraculous messages provide the answers to life's most important questions? Things like...

? What is mankind's purpose on earth?
? And what does the future hold?

Our quest for answers leads us to a mountain top in Eastern Turkey and the remains of a 5000–year–old, wooden ship. Where did this mysterious wreck come from and how did it get to the top of one of the highest peaks in the Ararat range? Could it be...Noah's Ark?

And does the fact that many modern scientists are warning of another worldwide flood–triggered by global warming tie–in with what the Bible has to say about the End Times? Could a fresh examination of the Noah story shed some light on the possibility of this prediction coming true? And might it help us determine if we are living in the last days?

Exclusive DVD Bonus Features
? High & Dry: Eyewitness Accounts of the Ark
? The Worldwide Phenomenon of the Ark Story
? Worldwide Flood: How Did It Happen?
? Analyzing the Evidence: Does Archeology Support Noah's Flood?
? The Experts Speak: In–Depth Interviews with Ark Authorities
? Noah's Ark PowerPoint? Presentation
? FaithGrowers? Bible Study
? Pastor's Sermon Outline & Listener's Notes
? Spanish Subtitles
Digitally Mastered Picture and Sound, Digital 5.1 Surround Sound, NTSC, Color, CC Approximately 120 minutes including bonus features.