Egg-cellent Easter Adventure DVD

Egg-cellent Easter Adventure DVD

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Interested in a fresh, never–before–heard perspective on the Easter egg hunt?

This one of a kind children’s book captures the fun of an Easter egg hunt with a focus on Jesus. Follow Hardy, Anastasia, Pascal and their dog, Zeke, as they discover a glow–rious mystery. Snooping around the attic, they find an intriguing treasure chest containing a curious glowing Easter egg. What is it? What does it do? Only when the kids unite as one do they learn the secret of the egg. They are transported around the world on a wondrous adventure to find the greatest treasure of all. Come along on an egg–straordinary expedition, as the kids search for more glowing Easter eggs in exciting locations. Discover where the eggs lead them.

Each Easter egg the kids find reveals a clue to their next destination and a Bible verse needed for the journey. Along the way, the kids discover how God’s word will guide them through trouble. In the end, the kids learn the Easter story and discover Jesus is the greatest treasure of all.

With visually stunning illustrations, a captivating story and Biblical lessons, it is sure to be a beloved Easter classic. Make Jesus the focus of Easter celebrations with The Egg–cellent Easter Adventure.

The Egg–cellent Easter Adventure book is available on an audio/visual DVD. It is narrated to bring the story to life. New illustrated scenes are only available on the DVD. Special effects create an amazing visual aid to the story that will capture children's attention and engage their imagination. The 30 minute DVD can be shown on a TV or computer to a small group or is suitable for presentation to large groups on a large screen video system.

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