Family Animal Adventures 4 Film Collector's Set

Family Animal Adventures 4 Film Collector's Set

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Uplifting Animal Tales

Disc 1: Program 1: Kayla - Kayla is a family film that makes you feel good. It focuses on a young boy who still cannot accept his father's eight-year-old disappearance and apparent death. He cries out for solace, while keeping his mother and well-meaning stepfather at a stony-faced distance. Then, one day, in the snowy wilderness, he encounters a wolf that looks exactly like the dog that led his father's sled team. Despite the hostility of the townspeople, who fear the wolf will devour more of their livestock, the boy bonds with this dog, Kayla, who teaches him about love, loyalty, and self-sacrifice.

Program 2: Bear With Me - The family of eleven-year-old Emily (Kaitlyn Burke) searches desperately for her after she becomes lost in the Great Bear Rain Forest. They do not know that Emily has been reunited with an old friend, Masha, an orphaned bear cub that Emily's family raised before releasing her back into the wild. Emily and Masha bravely set off to find their way home, encountering danger at every turn. From cougars and deadly snakes to bear hunters, Emily and Masha need each other more than ever to survive! The entire family will find Bear With Me an exciting and heart-warming story of loyalty and friendship. The breathtakingly beautiful forests of the Pacific Northwest lend this wilderness adventure a magic all its own. Starring Michael Ontkean, Helen Shaver, Alan Thicke and Gordon Tootoosis. 'Good-looking wilderness, eco-minded family entertainment.'-Variety.

Disc 2: Program 1: Little Heroes - Former tobacco company employee Harry Burton prepares to leave for Washington, D.C. to testify against his former employer in a lawsuit that could deliver a serious blow to the cigarette industry. Harry and his wife say good-bye to their son, Charlie, and dogs, Samson and Hercules, and depart for the airport. Two hired thugs sneak into the house and grab Charlie to force his father into altering his testimony. But, the thugs' plans are quickly thwarted by the two dogs. Through a hilarious battle of obstacles and traps, using every bone, fishing pole, and electric mixer within reach of their paws, the dogs turn the tables on the thugs, saving Charlie and allowing Harry to give his testimony...honestly.

Program 2: The Winter Stallion - Sixteen-year-old orphan Gwen Davies (Sian MacLean) was raised on her beloved grandfather's farm in Wales. Her cherished way of life is threatened after he dies in a tragic accident. First, the owner of the local country club pressures her to sell the farm. Then, her estranged uncle Alan (Daniel J. Travanti), who has not been home in twenty years, arrives from America and is named her guardian. Gwen is convinced Alan will agree to sell the farm, but she is not going to give up without a fight. As Christmas approaches, she is determined to race her magnificent stallion, Mabon, that was her grandfather's hope for the future. Meanwhile, Alan's emotional homecoming will force him to come to terms with his past. 'This will appeal to every member of the family...'

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