Fotorama Brainwashed Skill And Action Game

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Have you ever felt brainwashed. With Fotorama's Brainwashed Skill and Action Game, 2 players race to ''brainwash'' the opposing player. Brainwashed is a goofy game for active kids. Each player wears a head device with a water reservoir and an attached pump. Players race to pump up each other's headgear, trigger the shower and drench their opponent. Pump fast and you'll be the winner. The Brainwashed Game comes with 2 crazy hats and 2 brain pumps. Need some excitement in your life. Fotorama toys deliver a new and different kind of fun for people who are tired of the same old games and toys. Fotorama delivers a new dimension of entertainment. At Fotorama we pledge to provide you with only the freshest, funniest and most exciting products to share with your family and friends.

  • Race to ''brainwash'' your opponent, with Fotorama's Brainwashed Skill And Action Game
  • Each player wears funny headgear with an attached pump
  • Pump fast and you'll trigger a waterfall and drench your opponent
  • Fotorama creates games for people who are tired of the same old gmes and toys they see over and over again
  • For 2 players