Genesis 7: Episode 6

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Still orbiting Mars in anticipation of restoring communication with Lieutenant Donton in the Little G lander, the remaining Genesis 7 space crew of Captain Enoch and Specialist Priscilla deploy from the main ship and descend deep Into the Trenches of the Martian landscape. Landing on the Red Planet's surface, Enoch and Priscilla find Valles Marineris, one of the largest known canyons in the solar system, and the explorers marvel at God's universe as they witness, among other things, a beautiful Martian sunset over the trenches. Funded by Christian scientists who want to prove that the universe was created by God, the Genesis 7 space program has launched a series of thrilling and perilous adventures the steadfast crew never could have predicted. Now, climb aboard with Captain Enoch Andrews, Lt. Donton Andrews, imaging specialist Priscilla Andrews, and Lt. Abigail Jennings as they strive to bring glory to God in everything they do in this imaginative series told in the tradition of The Magic School Bus. Bonus educational materials include vocabulary and maps from the episode.

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