Googling God: Searching for a Faith You Can Believe In

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When people search for God—as if they entered His name in Google—they sometimes can’t decipher the religious language or get past the inaccurate representations they find. With honesty, clarity, and unfailing hope, this fresh new look at the heart of the Christian message bypasses inaccurate stereotypes and presents the good news in a way that even spiritual cynics and fringe observers will appreciate:

  • God is more wonderful than we have imagined, and He wants to share His life with us.
  • Jesus is the most engaging Person who has walked the planet.
  • Faith and science need not be mutually exclusive.
  • Religion is everywhere, but only authentic spirituality sets people free.
  • The Bible can be difficult to understand, but it is completely relevant to our lives today.

Skeptics and seekers alike will enjoy this enlightening exploration of God as revealed in Jesus Christ.