Hidden Treasure - Modern Parables Vol 1, Lessons 1 & 2

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HIDDEN TREASUREis part of theMODERN PARABLESseries, an original film-based Bible study curriculum on Jesus' parables. Hidden Treasure is a light comedy about an unsuccessful real estate agent who finds oil in a field and so must convince his wife they should sell everything they own to buy it.

The DVD includes all you need to teachTWO LESSONS AND A BONUS LESSON:the short film, an application video taught by Dr. Daniel Doriani, a combined leader/study book, and a director's commentary. The study can be used for Sunday School classes, small groups, youth groups, Christian schools, home schools, family study, and evangelism.


Fun...a great communication of the gospel.
- John Frame, author ofThe Doctrine of the Knowledge of God

It offers the truth of God visually in a way that speaks to our modern world.
- Robert Lewis, founder ofMen's Fraternity

Modern Parables has created art with excellence.
- Doug Powell, author ofThe Holman Quicksource Guide to Apologetics

I highly recommend this work.
- Craig Blomberg, author ofInterpreting the Parables--Various