Ion Educational Gaming System Active Learning Disc: Blue's Room - Birthday Party Surprise

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Pop this Active Learning Disc into your Ion Educational Gaming System console (sold separately), and put your child right in the action! Unique motion-sensing technology puts kids live on TV and actively in the game! Each action-packed game provides three levels of play. Kids can start at level 1 and advance their way to level three! Birthday Party Surprise: You’re invited to Frederica’s birthday party! Step inside Blue’s Room to help Blue make a cake! Boogie down in a dance game and play a high-energy round of “Doodle, Doodle, Guess!” Birthday Cake Bake: Catch the bouncing ingredients and follow the recipe! ”Stir” the batter, “crack” the eggs, and learn how to count, measure, and bake. Birthday Boogie Woogie: Dance along with Frederica to fill the Boogie Meter. Freeze when Boogie says “Woogie!” Dance, listen for directions, and play with your friends. Tag Polka Dots to collect puzzle pieces, then build a puzzle! Learn about size and spatial relationships. Doodle, Doodle, Guess! Help make shapes with Doodleboard, then guess what he’s drawing! Learn how to recognize distinct images and dance, dance, dance! Handy Dandy Journal Join Blue in recapping all the fun games you’ve played: create your own story in the Handy Dandy Journal!

  • Active learning disc contains 5 action-packed games that teach kids memory building, counting and more
  • For use exclusively with the Ion Education Gaming System console (sold separately)