Larryboy Superhero Power Pack

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It's a super good time with VeggieTales' original superhero…LarryBoy! Armed with plungers that shoot from his ears, this caped cucumber defends Bumblyburg against all kinds of tricky villians! Whether it's a rumor spreading like a weed, or a bad apple of tempation, or even an extra-terrestrial fib, LarryBoy can be counted on to save the day! Includes 7 LarryBoy shows AND the LarryBoy Soundtrack on CD. Shows include: LarryBoy & The Fib From Outerspace (lesson in telling the truth) LarryBoy and the Rumour Weed (a lesson in spreading nice words), LarryBoy and the Bad Apple (lesson in handling temptation), Leggo My Ego, The Angry Eyebrows, The Good, The Bad and the Eggly, and LarryBoy and the Yodlenapper!

  • Factory sealed DVD