Mandie Triple Feature

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Mandie and the Secret Tunnel: When unexpected events drive Mandie from her log cabin in 1899, Cherokee friends guide her across North Carolina's treacherous mountains to Uncle John's mansion, only to discover her uncle's ship is lost at sea. Caretaker Jason Bond (Dean Jones) allows Mandie to stay, but imposters soon show up claiming to be heirs to her uncle's fortune. Now, Mandie must race against time through hidden passageways to find the key that unlocks the mystery of her heritage. Mandie and the Cherokee Treasure: When Uncle John forbids Mandie from joining his dangerous quest to keep an old promise, Mandie, her newfound mother, and her friends embark on a harrowing journey by train to protect Mandie's stubborn uncle. Grand adventure ensues as they scramble to outwit evil conspirators and dare to face the secrets of Lost Antler Cave. However, Mandie's most difficult challenge arises when she realizes that success will land her face to face with the one person she never wanted to meet. Mandie and the Forgotten Christmas: When Mandie Shaw is thrust into Miss Heathwood's School for Girls, she struggles to grasp the school's new rules and the finer points of high society. As Mandie tries to stay out of hot water with Miss Heathwood and discover what the headmistress seems to have against Christmas, she stumbles upon a mystery in the school's forbidden attic. Will Mandie ignore the warning to flee or try to get to the bottom of the strange noises beyond the boarded-up doors? Uncovering the truth may lead to telling a lie, but it might also unlock the memories of a long-forgotten Christmas.