Masquerade - The Truth Will Set You Free

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Simon, a young boy mature beyond his age sees the world without pretense. He realizes that adults complicate things more than necessary, hide behind masks and are less than honest with each other when it comes to their true character. Chris (Simon?s father) is the assistant Pastor at his church and struggles to manage his own busy life while dealing with those around him who seem phony. If Chris wants to really affect change in his world, he must first learn how to start with himself. Can Simon be the key to unlocking a new life for his father and his church?

  • 12 and over, Ben Irvin, Caleb Amon, Closed Captioning, Drama, Inspirational, Ivy Elizabeth, Jacob Amon, Josie Amon, Justin Moe, Lloyd Collier, Logan Tucker, Michael Sigler, Roak Burke, Sarah Glass