Million - Engage Series

Million - Engage Series

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Who is this product for? Need a reality check about God s love? This is the honest, clear, and unmistakable approach to Bible study that doesn t leave you guessing about what God s grace really means.

What does this provide for you?
- A new style of Bible study 8-10 minute short films that say, this is really where I am, but doesn t leave you there.

- Real topics that matter uncertainty, grief, loneliness, purpose, hope, and more.

- Author and speaker Rev. Kurt Klaus unpacks real stories that will challenge the way you think and may even question the way you feel, but with a purpose: to learn more about the profound love God has for you through His Son.

- A 16-page Engage booklet, found in each DVD case, adds thought-provoking questions for your group.

What is it?
It s not any secret our lives are filled with noise: activities, media, truths, lies, opportunities, experiences. People often long to engage with something that really matters, and often struggle to truly connect with their families, friends, and certainly with the things of faith. This new Bible study collection meets people with messages that matter, using media that captures both their hearts and their minds. The collection explores core themes that impact people from all walks of life, and presents God s constant, grace-rich Gospel in these circumstances.

Poignant, timely, and visually captivating, this series blends new media and plainspoken exhortation and encouragement to spark dialogue and strengthen your Bible study community. Told through video, but explored through Bible-based discussion, the Engage video collection invites Bible study participants to share, connect, and grow in the things of faith.

It seems like our society is suffering from truth decay. A lot of people simply believe whatever they want. After all, truth is relative, right? Well, perhaps not. Just because someone believes that she s a millionaire doesn t make it so. Just how do we go about separating truth from opinion, facts from feelings? And in really important matters, like where we ll spend eternity, is there some way we can know that what we believe is real, that what we believe is the truth? How would that knowledge transform our lives? How would it impact the lives of others?

One session.