Mom, Murder, & Me - Would it Kill You to Listen to Your Mother

Mom, Murder, & Me - Would it Kill You to Listen to Your Mother

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While Annabel's mother is visiting her, an elderly neighbor passes away---and Joan insists it's murder! Without any solid evidence to convince the police, Annabel blunders through a comical investigation with Joan as her only ally. But when the murderer catches on to their amateur sleuthing, can they find him---before he comes for them?

Three Dove approved Family (12+). 93 minutes.

“Mom, Murder and Me” is a comedy about a young woman, her overprotective mother, and their joint effort to solve a murder mystery. The film features Sarah Klaren as Annabel, Kathy Garver as her mother Joan, and Olando Graves as Buck, the friendly police officer who not only helps them but takes a liking to Annabel.

Annabel’s friend, Wanda, winds up dead, just like another tenant named Frank in Annabel’s apartment building. Annabel begins to piece together a plausible murder, despite Frank’s murder being called a suicide. Annabel’s mother has just arrived and attempts to help her figure out the pieces of the puzzle. Although overprotective, Joan undeniably loves her daughter. In a comedic scene, she puts several bolts on the door and a window to keep her daughter safe. Annabel will need some time to figure out the murder mystery — that is, if she survives. The murderer soon catches on to Annabel and her mother and plans to do everything in his power to silence the two.

The music is lighthearted, and several scenes are played for laughs. A few scenes feature blood, but they are not gratuitous. We are happy to award this film our Dove “Family-Approved” Seal for ages 12-plus. Will the bumbling murderer be apprehended? If Annabel and her mother can survive the danger and the twists and turns, they might just solve the crime!