Parents vs Predators: Internet Safety (Fire Chief Ken)

Parents vs Predators: Internet Safety (Fire Chief Ken)

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In this frank and open discussion of the dark world of internet predators, safety expert Fire Chief Ken Prillaman takes you on a very personal journey of the dangers faced by kids on-line. Eye-opening, alarming, and empowering, this breakthrough safety training will prepare you and your family for healthy on-line experiences.


In this introduction to "the dark world of internet predators," safety expert Ken Prillaman offers advice to foster "healthy online experiences." The program includes statistics and case studies and Prillaman explains that kids have wide access to the internet in other places than at home, and parents need to caution their youngsters to be responsible. Other devices, including gaming systems and smart phones, help unscrupulous individuals track user's whereabouts, plans, and messages, and more sophisticated devices with global positioning capabilities offer additional location information. Some of the cases involve abduction, sexual abuse, and murder, prompting Prillaman to "agitate parents to action." Including helpful captions and chapter menus, the video concludes with an interview with a pastor whose daughter was shot. With more and more internet scams coming to the forefront, this is an important video for parents and adults working with kids. --Nancy McCray, Booklist Online, June 2012

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