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Luke Dowler is one of those rare artists that finds a way to reinvent himself while staying true to his core values. ?- John Reuben - Recording Artist

"Today it is easy to get caught up in the selfishness of your own talents. Luke Dowler is an artist that is not caught up in that, but rather uses his voice for the voiceless, for good. When millions around the world are being trafficking for profit and for sex, Luke Dowler is saying, "No, this needs to stop." His song "Silence is Shameful" is just one way he is saying no to this crime and the abolition movement is grateful. Luke Dowler is a modern-day abolitionist."?- Austin Graff - International Justice Mission

"Never before have I seen such a perfect blend of all the right gifts and talents. Luke Dowler is one of those unique artists that truly understand and shares the humble heart of God together with greatest passion of true talent."?- Dave Hanley Lead singer of Press Play

"Coming Alive" by Luke Dowler has quickly become one of my daily devotional prayers of thankfulness to God for showing me grace and forgiveness in spite of my failures. The song reminds me that freedom from my burdens doesn't come from my efforts, but in who I am - and more importantly to whom I belong."?- Kevin Davis NewReleaseTuesday.com

"Polarized is full of alt rock sensibilities a la Switchfoot or Needtobreathe, mixed with Dowler's gritty voice for an outcome loaded with huge anthems and intimate, emotional ballads." - Brooks Ginnan ChristianRockRocks.com

With penetrating guitars, personal, honest, and layered lyrics, as well as many different styles of music incorporated, ranging from acoustic ballads, to worship anthems to straight out rock tracks; Luke s energetic and eclectic debut is full of imagery and metaphors; yet never wavering from the strong faith in Jesus Christ that he has. This artist is one to watch out for in the near future! - Joshua Andre ChristianMusicZine.com

Following in the footsteps of artists like Springsteen and U2, Luke Dowler manages to take the singer songwriter s plight for honesty and social change and combine it with wide-open guitar textures and pop sensibilities that can fill an arena or break down perfectly to a small coffeehouse.

On his upcoming rock release Polarized, Dowler tackles such subjects as The War on Terror, The Occupy Movement, church and politics, divorce, suicide and his own faith all while maintaining a sense of personal relationship with the listener. The title track explores the similarities between relational conflict and global war. Dowler adds When we value independence over relationship we become dangerous to each other, especially those that we love.

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