Position to Receive

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Prepare yourself for a paradigm shift. Position To Receive challenges the mindset of readers which allows you to think about your life and your goals. Imagine instead of looking for a blessing that you are the blessing? Inside this book, Michael Matthews shares with you his never-before revealed inspirational and motivational techniques designed specifically to help you improve your personal and professional life.Blueprints include:* Discover your own unique gifts and utilize them to their fullest potential* Learn the cycle of sowing & reaping - "the giving principle"* Visualize yourself on God's level* Recognize that you are blessed to be a blessing * Get out of debt while building wealth for the future* Understand business principles that open doors to opportunity* Identify and tap into resources you never knew you had* Enhance your credit and develop a stronger profile Within this book, Mr. Matthews exposes startling new philosophies and business principles while offering ground breaking new perspectives tt will bring a new wealth of abundance into your life. Position To Receive offers an exceptional approach into strengthening the areas of faith and prosperity. It uncovers credit and wealth building ideas while exposing opportunities and acquiring innovative resources that will change your life forever!
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