Sacred Vow

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Sacred Vow is a story about the sacred union of marriage. Doug and Amber were madly in love and were married in their college years. They enjoyed building their life together. Amber worked two jobs to put Doug through school. They soon shared in his business success and built a life together and had a beautiful daughter. Flash forward 15 years later. Amber has continued to be diligent and committed to her marriage. Doug on the other hand has fallen into the traps of an unfaithful spouse and seemingly wants more. Through a series of events, tragedy strikes and just might give this couple a chance to survive against all odds.

  • 12 and over, Closed Captioning, Comedy, CS Boris, detective movie, Drama, Family, Gino Scandur, Heidi Wolff, Kathy Garver, Liz Rolfe, Olando Graves, Sarah Klaren