Salter Mix 'N' Measure Cook's Electronic Kitchen Scale

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The Salter Mix 'n' Measure electronic kitchen scale is perfect for a variety of cooking uses. Firstly, you can quickly and easily weigh each ingredient in the same bowl thanks to its great Add & Weigh function! With a mixing bowl that perfectly fits the size of the scale included, you can get straight to the task at hand (or remove the bowl to weigh other things). Additionally, this scale can help you to easily weigh liquids (reads up to 10,000ml) with its special AquaWeigh function. A clear, easy to read LCD display also adds to the ease and efficiency you'll have whilst using this scale. The perfect gift for your household cook! Measures up to 10kgs! Stylish design Flat plastic platform Stainless steel mixing bowl Weigh directly on the platform or use with a bowl AquaWeigh function for measuring liquids in ml/fl oz Add and weigh function for measuring each ingredient as you add it in Clear LCD display Measure in imperial or metric units Power Supply: 3 x AA batteries (included)

  • Salter Mix 'n' Measure Cook's Electronic Kitchen Scale Brand New
  • Scale Dimensions: (L) 21cm x (W) 15.8cm x (H) 7cm
  • Bowl Dimensions: (H) 10.5cm x (Diam. of Opening) 24.5cm
  • Bowl Capacity: Up to 2.5 litres
  • Colour: White and silver-tone