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This is the latest DVD from the comedian turned pastor. After beginning as a club comedian in the 1980 s, Thor entered the evangelical Christian subculture with a different view of comedy. This DVD embraces that culture, the culture of being less cool than the prevailing fads of the day. In other words, he celebrates being a good old-fashioned square Christian, thank you very much. You will not find a Christian trying too hard to be socially relevant in this comedy set. You ll just find a funny husband and father who loves Jesus. Quaint. Sure. Hilarious. You betcha.

About the Actor

Thor Ramsey is a standup comedian and now author, which he is hoping to parley into a career of walking from the bed to his laptop. He is best known for the best-selling Thou Shalt Laugh DVDs and the Sony-owned comedy series Bananas, which he hosts. His first book A Comedian s Guide to Theology (Regal Books) is in stores now or you can order it at Amazon. He is grateful to everyone who supports comedy that doesn t make you feel like you stepped in something. Biography It doesn t matter that Thor Ramsey happens to work clean. He s funny. And funny is the thing that matters when you re watching a comedian. Thor had entertained thoughts of being a comedian since high school, thoughts he shared with a high school friend. She had a dream one night that I did The Tonight Show , he said. She told him that he had a good set, which always stuck with me. I thought, Well, if you re not going to follow your own dreams, you might as well follow somebody else s. So, he followed her dream!