St. Bear's Dolls Hospital: Toyworld

St. Bear's Dolls Hospital: Toyworld

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Episode 1: Katarina Ballerina
A beautiful ballerina who no longer dances is brought into St Bear s Hospital. The staff and patients attempt to repair her but fail. The gang notices that when Snorer gets close, the ballerina moves a little and her music plays a note or two. However, Snorer is afraid to get too close because he feels very unsure about himself. Will the encouragement of his friends at St Bear s be enough to get Snorer to approach the ballerina and help her to dance once again?

Episode 2: The Repeating Parrot
A toy parrot comes to St. Bear s Hospital and causes mayhem by repeating everything everyone says. But he never gets it quite right and the staff ends up falling out with each other. Will the staff realize the parrot is faulty and fix him, and will they be able to fix their friendships?

Episode 3: The Two Ms. Camomile
Ms. Camomile informs the staff that her sister is coming to visit. Unfortunately, she forgets to tell them her sister is an identical twin. Mayhem ensues when they discover that Ms. Camomile s sister is not like Ms. Camomile at all. She s noisy, disorganized and rather untidy. She ends up saving the day when she fails to throw away the rubbish from Pins and Needles room as requested. All the dolls eyes needed for the operation fell into the bag by mistake and would have been thrown away. Will Ms. Camomile now admit that sometimes being tidy isn t everything?

  • The staff of St. Bear's Dolls Hospital are busy healing and repairing sick and injured toys such as a ballerina doll and a repeating parrot toy in this heartwarming 34 minute children's program. Format: DVD MOVIE Genre: CHILDREN Rating: NR Age: 018713534729 UPC: 018713534729 Manufacturer No: 05-53472