St. Bear's Dolls Hospital: Welcome to St. Bear's

St. Bear's Dolls Hospital: Welcome to St. Bear's

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Episode 1: The Easter Bunny
The Easter Bunny arrives at St Bear s Hospital suffering from a case of
boredom. While some of the staff feel a day at the amusement park would do the trick, Pins and Needles realize the Easter Bunny is bored because he only works one day out of the year. Nurse Penny decides the best solution is practice, so everyone hides while the Easter Bunny tries to find them. Will the staff be found by the Easter Bunny and will this cure his case of boredom?

Episode 2: The Little Toy Soldier
A little toy soldier can t march. The professor suspects he s suffering from Ooey Gooey of the legs. He isn t of course. The staff at St. Bear s is doing much scrubbing and pulling in the form of tug of war to solve this problem, but it isn t helping. Pins and Needles hold the key to solving the problem, but will they figure it out and help fix the toy soldier!

Episode 3: The Toy Box Disaster
A storm is raging outside St. Bear s that has everyone on edge. Pins and Needles are not talking to each other, Penny is upset with Ms. Camomile and even Snorer and Professor Teddy have been fighting over a marble game. A bunch of Toys have been left out in the rain and have come to St. Bear s in need of treatment. Can the staff put their differences aside and work together to save the toys?

  • The staff of St Bear's Doll Hospital have their hands full of challenging cases when the Easter Bunny shows up with a bad case of boredom. The next issue that the world's best toy physicians have to tackle is a toy soldier with a marching problem, followed by a number of rain soaked toys who have a number of icky ailments after being left out in the rain. Format: DVD MOVIE Genre:&nbsp