The Red Fury / Against a Crooked Sky / Seven Alone

The Red Fury / Against a Crooked Sky / Seven Alone

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The Red Furyis an inspiring story of three people, their unlikely friendship, and the wild stallion that changes their lives forever.

Frankie is a lost Indian boy taken in by John Handley, a lonely alcoholic rancher. Amelia Andersen is a schoolteacher who fights for Frankie's acceptance in the small town. And Red Fury is the magnificent stallion that only Frankie can tame. Though John and Amelia risk their livelihoods for Frankie, he becomes an outcast when the community rejects him. But when a crisis hits the area, the strength of Frankie and Red Fury's unbreakable bond will be a courageous inspiration for all.

The performance of a career from veteran Western actorRichard Booneand spectacular scenery of the Southwest highlight this adventure tale for the entire family!

Sam's sister, Molly, is kidnapped by a Native American tribe. With only his courage and determination to guide him, Sam journeys into a harsh, unforgiving land to save her. Along the way, Russian (Boone), a colorful beaver trapper familiar with the West, befriends Sam and offers to help him find his sister. A thrilling adventure unfolds as the two face savage tribes with bravery, follow an unpredictable trail of clues, and learn to survive with little in a barren land.


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