The Return - a powerful fairy tale of forgiveness and faith - family film

The Return - a powerful fairy tale of forgiveness and faith - family film

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A creative parallel to the salvation story, The Return is a powerful fairy tale of forgiveness and faith. Leah (Heather Ricks) lives as a thief in the village of Nod. Though she's good at her art, most of the items she steals go to her evil master, Dybbuk (Kent T. Williams). However, Leah's life begins to change when a hunter named Yadid (Simon Provan) arrives in the village.

Through a series of mysterious gifts and conversations, Leah discovers Yadid's true identity. When she is betrayed by those closest to her and sentenced to death for her crimes, Leah discovers that even death can be overcome by the power of true unconditional love.

Leah lives in the fairy-tale village of Nod. She lives as a thief and is very good at her job. However, most of what she steals goes to her evil master, Dybbuk. Dybbuk controls Leah and most of the village of Nod until one day a huntsman, Yadid, comes to the village. Leah’s life begins to change. A series of gifts begin to appear in her cottage. They puzzle her and her stumbling friend and sidekick, Taker. Eventually, Leah discovers Yadid’s true identity and his love for her. Yadid is willing to sacrifice everything in order to free Leah from Dybukk’s evil clutch. “The Return” is an allegory that shares the salvation message in a creative and beautiful way that symbolically represents the return of Christ one day for his bride, the church. The story revolves around a woman named Leah (Heather Ricks) who is forced into thievery by her master, the evil Dybbuk. His influence in the village of Nod is a powerful one. But the day comes when a huntsman named Yadid (Simon Provan) appears and offers the community hope. When he lays down his life for Leah her heart is broken. There are some beautiful woods and nature scenes in this film. Join the villagers of Nod and wait for the master’s return!

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Approx. 101 minutes.

Dove approved (12+).