The Ride: A Christmas Eve Parable

The Ride: A Christmas Eve Parable

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It's Christmas Eve in the suburbs of Chicago and a bored, disengaged taxi driver reluctantly accepts one more pickup. The customer asks to be taken to a local bridge and the cabbie soon begins to suspect that his passenger is planning to commit suicide. In an uncharacteristic attempt to help, the cab driver makes excuses to prolong the ride while he attempts to connect with and help his distraught fare. As the night progresses, grace invades the hearts of both the complacent and the desolate. Winner of the TAFF 2013 Best Film Award, The Ride has brought audiences to their feet and impacted thousands.


Engaging story, exceptional artistry, evangelistic potential. The Ride has it all - a powerful tool for use at home or church. --Greg Laurie, award-winning author, evangelist and pastor, Harvest Christian Fellowship.

A fresh look at why people leave the church and the grace/forgiveness that brings them back. --Mark Driscoll, Pastor of Mars Hill Church.

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  • Kirk B.R. Woller, Brad Heller
  • Drama, Christmas, Contemporary Issues, Challenge & Inspiration
  • 33:00
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  • 16:9