The Shrewd Manager - Modern Parables Vol 1, Lessons 5 & 6

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THE SHREWD MANAGERis part of theMODERN PARABLESseries, an original film-based Bible curriculum on Jesus' parables. The Shrewd Manager is an ironic comedy about a dishonest farm manager who is fired, and so must think quickly to figure out a way into his next job.

The DVD includes everything you need to teachTWO LESSONS AND A BONUS LESSON:the short film, an application video taught by Dr. Gene Mims, a combined Leader's Guide/Study Booklet, and a director's commentary. The study can be used for Sunday School classes, small groups, youth groups, Christian schools, home schools, family study, and evangelism.


The films will surprise and challenge you as they surprised and challenged Jesus' first disciples
- Daniel Doriani, author ofPutting the Truth to Work

I personally understand the parable of the shrewd manager better now than I ever have.
- Judd Rumley, Singles Pastor, Denton Bible Church

Outstanding cinema and solid Biblical theology.
- Gene Mims, author ofThe Kingdom Focused Church

I highly recommend this work.
- Craig Blomberg, author ofInterpreting the Parables--Various