Through a Lens Darkly: Grief, Loss and CS Lewis

Through a Lens Darkly: Grief, Loss and CS Lewis

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Loss comes in many forms: The grief over the death of a loved one, the devastation of a physical or mental impairment, the pain of divorce or separation, or the distress of job loss and foreclosure. The physical and emotional responses to grief can be as heart wrenching as the loss itself. So where does a person turn for answers and encouragement in a time of despair, doubt or fear?

Through a Lens Darkly: Grief, Loss and CS Lewiswill uplift the soul with moving stories of individuals and families touched by significant loss who have begun their journey to recovery, and who share their thoughts on the timeless wisdom of CS Lewis's most personal and reflective book, A Grief Observed.

This literary review offers real-life examples to help viewers begin to recognize and cope with the many emotions of their own grief and identify the best approaches to help others through the grieving process.

Grief doesn't have to feel like fear anymore. Anyone facing personal devastation can find a path to healing and hope in this inspirational and informative film.

DVD EXTRAS:Optional English Subtitles
Discussion Guide in PDF
Producers' comments on grief, loss and this film
Behind the Scenes of Through a Lens Darkly
Music video by Josh and Katie Swift
Additional helps for those ministering to others in grief

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